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5 Tips to Increase Viewers to Your Website

Struggling with a lack of viewers to your website? It's pretty obvious that most people are online these days. Whether a laptop, tablet…
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Improve Your Hotel’s Social Media Presence

Did you know that out of 7.2 billion people in the world, there are over 2 billion active social media accounts out there?…
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Hotel Reputation Management – Why You Should Care!

Have you ever been concerned about what your guests think of their stay at your hotel? Hotel reputation management is crucial to the…
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Search Engine Optimization – What’s in it For Me?

You may be wondering how important search engine optimization, or SEO for short,  may be these days, and if it is something worth…
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Business Blogging – Why it Can Build Your Business

Blogging is no longer just for entertainment and travel purposes. Nowaways, most businessess implement some sort of blog into their websites. Coca-Cola, for…
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Top Local Ranking Factors in 2014

 LOCAL SEO RANKING FACTORS IN 2014   SEO is becoming more and more important in today's world , Competitions is increasing in offline as…
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internet marketing for hotels

Internet Marketing for Hotels and Motels by Hopbots

Internet Marketing sounds like rocket science , Isn't it ? , I think its Local SEO for hotels is like Constant changing puzzle.…
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Why Organic SEO is Better than Pay per Click (PPC) ?

In SEO there are no charges applied on clicks to your website. Paid listings on the other hand charge you every time someone…
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Local customers travelling for local business

Did you know this about your customer ?

Amazing info graphic about local customers. How far they travel to get service from local customers by industry. Customer will  go longest for…
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Online Marketing for Small Business: Important Things that You Need to Know

What is the Internet Marketing and Why should you give Importance as Mom and Pop Business. If you own a small business, it…
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